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Award Grant for Family of U.S. Army Veteran

May, 2017: The Road Home Foundation for Injured Warriors and Families’ Board of Directors approved an award of $6,075 for support of the family of a United States Army veteran with rent payments following his death.  The veteran died from a heart attack shortly after his return from deployment.

Road Home Foundation Awards Grant: Support During the Holidays

On December 30, 2016, The Road Home Foundation for Injured Warriors and Families awarded $3,000 to support a seriously wounded United States Army veteran and his family during the holiday season.

Road Home Foundation Awareness Trailer


Road Scholar Transport has been extremely kind and helpful to us in creating a Road Home Foundation Awareness Trailer that will now be part of their large fleet of transport trailers and trucks.

You can read more about Road Scholar Transport’s program here.  Below is a summary description of the program excerpted from their website:

Making sure freight gets to its destination is a very important job. So is raising awareness for causes that are valuable to society. With freight shipping services that can save you time and money, along with trailers that are painted to support various causes, we can get the job done and remind people of the value of helping others at the same time. We support more than two dozen awareness campaigns, and that number is continuing to grow. There’s value in supporting others, and when we can do that with more than our shipping services, we know we’ve made a difference in people’s lives.

With our rolling billboards, we can be huge advocates for causes that are important to us and to our customers. Through their help and support, we’ve been able to work with a number of companies and organizations. Advertising for them reminds people all across the country that many diseases and conditions still afflict people who are hoping and waiting for a cure. 

The Road Home Foundation for Injured Warriors and Families Foundation is deeply grateful to Road Scholar Transport for helping to raise awareness for our injured warriors in general, and our foundation in particular.  We are confident that we’ll be able to help even more injured soldiers and their families in times of need, due to the increased awareness and donations that this traveling billboard can provide.

If you have any transport needs or know of others who do, we hope you’ll consider Road Scholar!


The Road Home Foundation Awards Third Grant: Purchase/Training of Service Dog to Benefit a Veteran

A key goal of the Road Home Foundation for Injured Warriors and Families is to make an immediate and lasting positive impact for injured warriors and/or their families.  In keeping with this goal, the board of directors have authorized a grant in the amount of $7,500 for the purchase and training of a service canine.

The grant has been issued to Rebuilding Warriors, a not-for-profit organization that specializes in the selection and training of service canines.

Rebuilding Warriors will select a veteran, determine the veteran’s special needs and then train the canine to meet the needs of the veteran over the course of six to fifteen months.  Once the canine can effectively meet the veteran’s needs, he or she will complete the training program along with the dog to ensure that the partnership is a lasting one.

Road Home Foundation for Injured Warriors and Families is honored to partner with Rebuilding Warriors to make an immediate and lasting impact on the life of an injured service member through this grant.

Alex Marrocco of The Road Home Foundation Interviewed on Island Hop

Alex Marrocco, President of The Road Home Foundation for Injured Warriors and Families was interviewed recently by Ed Salek of the Public Access TV Show Island Hop.  The interview was also posted to YouTube (see link below).  The conversation focused on the support we receive through Rolling Thunder and the upcoming Veteran’s Appreciation Day (September 24, 2016 on Staten Island).Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 6.08.43 PM

The Road Home Foundation Issues Second Grant: $5,000 Awarded to Veteran’s Surviving Family

legalOn March 15, 2016, The Road Home Foundation for Injured Warriors and Families issued its second grant. A $5,000 grant was awarded to the surviving family of a United States Army veteran. These funds will help this young family with immediate expenses incurred during this difficult time. The veteran leaves behind a wife and two young children. They currently reside in North Carolina.

This veteran had served in the Army for seven years and completed multiple combat tours in Iraq. Upon his return following his second tour, he was diagnosed with post traumatic stress (PTS). He fought bravely for several years, but ultimately lost his battle earlier this year. We at the Road Home Foundation for Injured Warriors and Families are honored to be able to support this courageous family.

As a policy, and out of respect for the privacy of veterans and families, we do not reveal the names of grant award recipients.

First Grant Awarded by The Road Home Foundation for Injured Warriors and Families

legalOn November 21, 2015, the Road Home Foundation for Injured Warriors and Families issued its very first grant. The $15,000 grant was issued to a seriously wounded Marine Corps veteran and his family from the Lake George area of New York State. The funds will help the family care for this young warrior at home. The Marine was seriously injured when he sustained multiple gunshot wounds in 2005 while serving in Iraq. During the past ten years, with unwavering support from his family, he has worked tirelessly in an effort to bring quality and comfort back into his life.

It is an honor for the Road Home Foundation for Injured Warriors and Families to be able to support this courageous Marine and his family. The entire family serves as inspiration to us all for the way they continue to persevere in the face of tremendous adversity. They are true American patriots.

Veteran’s Appreciation Day Fundraiser – Sep. 26, 2015 (Staten Island)


We’re proud to announce that the Marine Corps League (246th Detachment) and the local chapter of Rolling Thunder are organizing a Veterans Appreciation Day event and fundraiser on Sept. 26, 2015 (12-5pm).  Bring the family and kids for games, raffles, kid’s rides, 50/50 and much more.  All of the proceeds from this event will benefit the Road Home Foundation and our mission of supporting injured warriors and their families.  We’re celebrating the heroic efforts of veterans of the global war on terror, and the sacrifices made by these brave solders and families.

Join us for a great day of outdoor fun, and help fund the important programs and support provided by the Road Home Foundation.

DATE: Sept. 26th (12-5pm) with rain date of Sept. 27

LOCATION: Marine Corps League (46 Ontario Avenue, Staten Island NY)

ADMISSION: Free for all vets (Proof of service required).  All others $20

CONTACTS: Bruno @917.939.8416 or Alex @917.412.6179

Download and share flyer here: RHF – September 26 Flyer – Veterans Appreciation Day

Road Home Foundation Expands Board of Directors

The Road Home Foundation for Injured Warriors and Families is pleased to announce the addition to two new directors to its board.  Mr. Joe Collins brings significant financial experience in Wall Street operations as well as private hedge fund management.  Ms. Vonny Carrington also brings deep experience from her account management experience in private wealth management from leading firms.

These experienced and dedicated professionals have agreed to donate their time to support the mission of The Road Home Foundation by joining the board.  They join a dedicated group of founding directors including Alex Marrocco, Michael Docherty, Alan Mansfield and Larry Lehman.  Biographies for these dedicated professionals and volunteers are highlighted on the Road Home Foundation website (link here).

With the help of this passionate board of directors, the Road Home Foundation will be expanding both its fundraising and support programs during 2015.

Launch of Road Home Foundation for Injured Warriors and Families

The Road Home Foundation for Injured Warriors and Families was organized during 2013 and early 2014.  The foundation received its 501(c)(3) designation from the IRS in May, 2014.  A copy of this document is available for review here: IRS 501 c 3 Approval Letter.