Grant #1501
Date:  11-21-15
Amount:  $15,000

Purpose:  Assist a seriously wounded United States Marine with extraordinary expenses.  The marine is being cared for at home by family.


Grant #1601
Date:  3-15-16
Amount:  $5,000

Purpose:  Assist the family of a United States Army veteran who lost his battle with post traumatic stress with extraordinary expenses following the tragic event.


Grant #1602
Date:  9-18-16
Amount: $7,500

Purpose:  Partnered with Rebuilding Warriors One Dog at a Time, a veterans aid organization that specializes in the training of service dogs.  A dog was purchased, trained and awarded to a veteran.


Grant #1603
Date:  12-30-16
Amount:  $3,000

Purpose:  Support a seriously wounded United States Army veteran and his family during the holiday season.